About phylogenize

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How to cite phylogenize: If you used phylogenize and found it helpful, please cite the web tool and/or the method as below:

Tool: Bradley PH and Pollard KS, "phylogenize: correcting for phylogeny reveals genes associated with microbial distributions." Bioinformatics (2019), 36 (4)..
Method: Bradley PH, Nayfach S, and Pollard KS, "Phylogeny-corrected identification of microbial gene families relevant to human gut colonization." PLOS Comput Biol (2018), 14 (8), e1006242.

How to contact support: If you are having problems using phylogenize, please contact .

How to run phylogenize locally: If you have very large data sets or need to do a lot of analyses, we recommend running phylogenize locally. You can download the source and instructions on running phylogenize locally from our git repository at bitbucket.org/pbradz/phylogenize.